If you've created any functions that you feel are useful, and would like to share them, please list them here.

AI FunctionsEdit


Autoexec FunctionsEdit

These functions go into "Homeworld2\Bin\Autoexec.lua".

  • updateTimer by Eiden & Mecha. Displays an in-game timer.

Gametype (Singleplayer & Multiplayer) FunctionsEdit

Level FunctionsEdit

  • asteroidAdd by Mikali. Uses the HW1 method of populating volumes with resources, instead of placing each asteroid individually.
  • Map Functions by Mikali. A collection of custom map functions. Includes a library of vector functions.
  • addSOBGroup by Mikali. A shortcut for creating a new sobgroup. Works like the addPath function.

Madstate FunctionsEdit


UI FunctionsEdit


Mathematical FunctionsEdit

String ManipulationEdit


Table ManipulationEdit

System FacilitiesEdit

  • HW2Path by TamerLane. Finds and returns the full HW2 path