addCloud(<sObjName>, <sCloudType>, <tPosition>, <tColor>, <fRotate>, <fSize>)
Adds a cloud to a ".level" file.
addCloud("polySurface1", "Cloud_NoRes", {0.0, 0.0, 0.0}, {1, 1, 1, 1}, 0.0, 0.0)
<sObjName>': name of the cloud.
<sCloudType>: the type of cloud. Can be any of the following:
<tPosition>: a table containing the cloud's X, Y, and Z coordinates.
<tColor>: a table containing the cloud's red, green, and blue color values, as well as its opacity (alpha). Values must be a between 0 and 1.
<fRotate>: the initial rotation angle in degrees, relative to the camera.
<fSize>: the radius of the cloud.
Colors are compounded when items overlap in the same locations. This intensifies the color effect. If you put two nebula's in the same location with different colors, the resulting color is a combination of the two with double the strength. -iron_man123
Clouds, dust clouds, and nebulae are only colored on the side that is lit by the local lighsources. Seen from the other side, they will appear to be black. -bobthedog
Clouds start out initially rotated by <fRotate> but continue to rotate slowly from then on. -Mikali
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